2023 Wubota Business Visiting In Indonesia
2023 Wubota Business Visiting In Indonesia

Business visits to our combine harvester partners in Indonesia

We will regularly conduct business visits to our long-term partners to conduct in-depth discussions on a series of issues and cooperation prospects regarding products, maintenance, the introduction of the latest policies in the local market, etc.

Customized combine harvester by Wubota for partners

Looking for high-quality, OEM parts for your combine harvester? We offer a wide range of reliable and durable parts to keep your agriculture equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Wubota hot selling products in Indonesia

air drone
Agriculture sprayer drone in Indonesia
Half feed rice combine harvester
Half feed rice combine harvester in Indonesia
Kubota harvester spare parts
Kubota harvester spare parts in Indonesia
Yanmar harvester spare parts
Yanmar harvester spare parts in Indonesia
Advantages of using rice harvester in Indonesia

Advantages of using rice harvester in Indonesia

  • Reduce rice loss:

Indonesia’s rice loss rate is as high as 12-13%. A rice combine harvester can reduce grain loss in production by about 6% to 7%.

  • Improve work efficiency:

One person can harvest 6-7 acres of rice land per day, while a harvester can harvest 35-40 acres per day.

  • Reduce labor intensity:

Manual harvesting of rice is a very intensive production job and consumes a lot of physical strength. Mechanized harvesting uses advanced rice harvesting machinery to operate, generally requiring only one operator and 1-2 bagging personnel, and consumes little physical effort.

  • Early rice market time:

Mechanized rice harvesting can complete rice harvesting and detachment work at one time. After drying or drying, the rice can be touched and processed. It can be marketed 40-50 days earlier than manual harvesting of rice.

Wubota Combine Harvester and Spare Parts in Indonesia

The self-propelled full-feed rice combine harvester produced by Wubota is widely praised in the Indonesian market. At the same time, we are also a professional supplier of agricultural machinery accessories, such as Kubota harvester spare parts, Yanmar harvester spare parts, World harvester spare parts, etc. For detailed related product information, please contact us in time!

Wubota’s share of the Indonesian agricultural machinery market is increasing

Wubota is a professional agricultural machinery supplier in the Indonesian market and has established a good brand effect. We conduct business visits to our Indonesian partners every year, firstly to provide business guidance to our dealers, and also to understand and master Indonesia in a timely manner. the latest market changes.

Wubota focuses on modern agricultural mechanization production and is committed to modern agricultural machinery that matches the development of Indonesian agriculture through continuous changes in production.

We not only produce combine harvesters and agricultural machinery accessories, we also provide tractors, rice seeders, rice transplanters, agriculture A series of modern agricultural machinery products such as plant protection drones.

Enjoying Wubota’s worldwide perfect business services:

  • One-stop solution
  • High-quality product and product quality inspection
  • Supplying crop and grain harvesting machinery
  • Professional market analysis
  • Professional design, and competitive
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