Wubota Combine Harvester and Spare Parts Ship to India

Today we have loaded one container with spare parts and harvester in our Huzhou warehouse. The trailer reached at 8:00 am, once we arrived, they are already in loading.

loading wubota combine harvester and spre part

This customer is from India, who have purchase from us for 5 years. This time he ordered one set harvester and around 60,000USD value spare parts.

We have to load all of them into one 40HQ, and as our plan, loading the spare parts firstly then leaving around 5.5m-6m space for harvester. In this case, we should pile up many spare parts manually.

wubota spare part load

Load lighter parts on the top, heavier parts at the bottom, so we unpacked tooth bar, guide, roller shaft, cutting blade assy and shaft screw pallets, and load them one by one orderly.

heavier parts wubota combine harvester load

wubota Load lighter parts Load lighter parts

In order to prevent the goods from tipping onto the harvester, we decided to put the entire pallet of goods on the outermost side.

carefully packed carefully packing

Out of each pallets, there are lists of packing details, so the customer can find the parts easily. There’s also a package No. on each carton, so customer can also find parts by package No. while we unpacking the pallets.

package No.

According to the hard works of spare parts loading, the harvester loading is much easier, even it suddenly rains heavily.

It is a World type rice harvester for India market specially. Firstly we removed the cutting head and fixed it near the spare parts.

load wubota spare part

Driving the harvester backwards to the container, putting the cover, 360 unloading pipe and so on under the harvester by workers.

combine harvester 360 unloading pipe combine harvester container

The most important things of loading harvester and spare parts is calculate the volume carefully, and fix spare parts tightly.

Luckly, we successfully completed the task. And hope the goods can serve well for the Indian friends.

Cabinet loading completed

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