WUBOTA Maintenance Combine Harvester Service in Bangladesh

The WUBOTA team with the DF ISEKI engineer went to Bangladesh for service and distributor training for two weeks in May. The purpose of our visit is to provide after-sales service to local customers as well as train mechanics in machine maintenance and repair.

Machine & user visits

During two weeks’ time, WUBOTA team visited 8 units of DF ISEKI combine harvester.

Machine & user visits

For every customer we visited, the engineer first checked the machine conditions to identify if there were any parts need to be repaired or replaced. Based on each user’s behavior, we provide customized advice to make sure they can use the combine harvester more easily.

Moreover, our engineer made a to-do list to teach users about on-time maintenance and service.

to do list

Customer visit

Apart from machine visits and repairs, we visited each customer to collect their feedback about our combine harvester. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of company value, we record all customer’s problems and suggestions and conduct modifications to make it more suitable for the local market. Making a product that pleases our customers is the continuous goal of WUBOTA.

Mechanical team training

Mechanical team training

Distributor service team training is another important part of our visit to Bangladesh. We arranged a meeting with all the mechanics in the distributor’s warehouse, and the engineer hold a few classes to teach mechanics about our combine harvester maintenance and repair. In addition, we provided certificates and chances for mechanics to visit China for further training.

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