Yanmar Harvester Spare Parts

Characteristic: Agricultural machinery spare parts
Applicable Model: AG60;AW70;AW82;AW85;YH550;YH880;YH1180
Superiority category: Wheels; Rollers;Cover; Shafts;Rubber; Bearings;Augers
Packing: Independent packing or customized packing
Quality:  It can replace the original parts
Export: Exported to Asia, Africa, and South-America
Types: Fits all types of Yanmar machinery
Condition: Brand new

The History Between Wubota and Yanmar

Yanmar harvester is the most advanced rice harvester at present, and its promotion in China is very successful. We are committed to following their pace, keeping our quality in line with Yanmar, and taking Yanmar as the standard of our service.

Yanmar harvester parts are the second Japanese brand accessories we contact. At present, we have more than 100 Yanmar spare parts with independent modification and unique technology. Such as Yanmar aw70gv, Yanmar aw70v, Yanmar yh590 and combine harvester Yanmar aw70 . You can find these genuine Yanmar parts on Wubota.

It is our commitment to Yanmar agricultural machinery users to continue to provide high-quality and responsive services. Contact us to get the Yanmar parts list

Wubota and Yanmar

Compared with other Yanmar parts suppliers, our advantages are:

  1. More than fifteen years of export experience.
  2. There are more than ten exporting countries, Major market covers South East Asia, the Middle East, as well as South America.
  3. The repurchase rate of harvester accessories of each brand is not less than 80%. Such as Yanmar rubber track.
  4. Accumulated 200 dealers with stable cooperation in various countries.
  5. Good at integrating resources from different factories, and providing purchasing services to customers from around the globe.
  6. We can provide you best technical support and problem solution.
  7. We provide technical training abroad to help you build your own technical team.
  8. We can help you to enlarge your local market by cooperation and marketing together.
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